Entry Log #1: Hello World!

Hey there! So this is my very first blog post, and honestly I don’t even know how to start a good, first post. However, I’m going to do my best to introduce myself in a non-awkward manner. Here are some “to-know-about” things that I feel like my entries would revolve around:

  • I am a student at the University of Maryland in College Park (thinking about transferring though)
  • I was raised in a Christian-based family
  • I love to love people
  • I enjoy learning anything that is music, politics (kinda), and STEM related subjects
  • I have a wonderful girlfriend
  • Total ambivert
  • and I am a thinker, not so sure about being a deep nor a complete random thinker, but I am a thinker

Now, here’s one “to-know” thing that I believe is important to me that I’d like to share with you: I am heavy on authenticity.

Authenticity is something I care about most about when it comes to… well, basically everything. And I believe authenticity is one of the things that people of this modern era cares the most. We kind of despise those who aren’t legit, in which we label them as “Fake.” I can’t really promise anything for the most part, especially keeping up with posting entries. However, I promise to be authentic to you guys whenever I do post. There will be times when I just go straight to the point and there will be times when I may write 50 chapters on a particular topic (Well, not that long, but pretty lengthy if I’m in that zone). Oh, one thing to the note, I’m not good with grammar or anything that’s within the realm of English.

Now, you may be wondering why I called my blog “Life Wonderer.” Firstly, it sounds nice. Secondly, it kind of fits to my purpose of writing this blog: document, observe, and analyze the different chapters of my life. Because I’m a ambivert, sometime things may or may not be hyped as much as I want it to be. I already have some things to talk about, but those will come sooner or later. SUSPENSE!!! DON DON DDOOOOOONNNNNNNN!!!

Now, I don’t know everything is happening in the world. I’d appreciate any ideas that you’d like me to talk about. I’d like for you to be honest with me, and like everyone in the world, I have things to improve on.

Until then, live lively!


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